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Value Pack 3: Raincoat and Shoppingbag



Just because it might pour down later today, you don’t have to put on your mountain jacket over your nice city outfit – you bring your IN THE POCKET®RAINCOAT instead! By always bringing a shopping bag when leaving home, we can start reducing the number of plastic bags in our oceans!

When folded, the raincoat and the shopping bag take minimal space in your handbag, briefcase, backpack or nursing bag. Pull it out and put in on, when it is actually raining, or when you feel like some spontaneous shopping.

We have lowered the price of the raincoat, so this VALUE PACK will be yours for only €43/$48 (used to be €79/$89).





Folded in its integrated pocket, the IN THE POCKET®RAINCOAT takes minimal space in your bag. This also makes it perfect when traveling. Pull it out and put in on, when it is actually raining.

We like good looks, and we like function. There for we added a cuff detail that protects your hands from the rain. Especially convenient when pushing a stroller or riding a bike.

Size when folded:180x140x60mm (7×5.5×2.4inches)

Weight: 266gr (9.38oz)

Material: Nylon with PU coating. Taped seams.

Machine washable at 30°C

Available colour: Black


Suddenly you have a lot to carry and an extra bag would be handy, or you may feel concerned about the impact that plastic bags have on our environment.  This shopping bag from IN THE POCKET® has a convenient integrated storage pocket, making it small enough to always bring along. A separate compartment inside the bag keeps small items in place. We have designed the bag with a smart fastener that enables you to attach the bag onto, for example, any stroller handle.

Weight: 134 g

Size when folded: 110x120x25mm / 4,3×4,4×1,0 inches

Material: Rip- and wear-resistant ripstop fabric, 100% Polyester.

Colours available: Black