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For families on the go, IN THE POCKET BABY provides parents with innovative solutions that make an active lifestyle easier and more enjoyable. IN THE POCKET BABY was founded in Sweden in 2007 by Camilla Altéus. Working with experts in the fields of textile design, outdoor equipment and parenting, Camilla has created a range of amazing products, which are flexible, user friendly, highly functional and, above all, easy to carry around. The bestseller – the IN THE POCKET BABY®SEAT – has been sold in tens of thousands of pieces, all around the world.

Some quick questions to the company:

How was the idea for IN THE POCKET BABY actually conceived?
Our designer Camilla and her husband were typical first-time parents who bought masses of baby things and then carted EVERYTHING around with us. Camilla says “It came as something of a shock for us to enter this world of gadgets and accessories which were usually quite impractical, bulky and unappealing. The potential for improvement was simply unlimited. But much has now happened on this front since 2002, when our first son was born. And I don’t just mean IN THE POCKET BABY…”

What is distinctive about a product from IN THE POCKET BABY?
The fact that every product involves some degree of innovation and a fresh approach. ”Not just another one” is for us a sort of guiding principle. All of our products have to make life a little easier for an active family with children; this means they must be highly functional, easy to use and of superior quality. In addition, all of the products, apart from daypack, have a smart, integral storage pocket, which makes them small and practical to carry around.

What is the nicest thing about running IN THE POCKET BABY?
That excited, tingling sensation you get when you find yourself in a creative flow; and of course the pride you feel at seeing your ”own” product on display in town. We are also so grateful for being able to work on something that we believe in 100%.

If someone wants to get in touch with you, how do they do it?
Send me an e-mail at, or give us a call on +46 (0)763294850.

Mikste Stockholm AB
Brygghusvägen 10, 776 98 Garpenberg