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Baby Seat


  • The child sits securely on the chair, the child cannot get up or crawl out of the chair
  • It is easy to attach and mount on the chair
  • Fits virtually on any chair
  • Can be folded into an integrated pocket so that it is easy to bring along
  • Thoughtful design which grows with the baby

What parent isnt fed up with lugging things around! With a baby seat from IN THE POCKET BABY®, small enough to fit in your pocket, you will have a significantly lighter load when heading for holidays or to dinner. A high chair harness that is the perfect choice for an active family!

In an instant you wiz up a comfortable and safe seat for your baby by fastening the harness to an ordinary chair. Can be used from the moment the baby can sit unsupported, from around 6 months and up to 2 years of age. The baby seat is contained inside an integrated pocket, providing you with a smart solloution that makes your daily life and active lifestyle much easier!

We are proud that tens of thousands of families have bought a baby seat from IN THE POCKET BABY since the start of 2007.

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The perfect baby seat to bring with you for your children, even small enough to fit in your pocket.
In an instant you can fasten the seat to a chair and now you have a perfectly comfortable and safe seat for your child.
IN THE POCKET BABY are so proud that families in the tens of thousand have purchased a such a save an comfortable seat from us since the start of 2007

Place the baby seat on the chair. Pull strap 1 under the chair as close to the back rest as possible.
Pull the strap through the D-rings and tighten well.
Pull strap 2 behind the back rest, through the loop which is closest to the upper part of the chair, and bring it round to the opposite front side.
Pull the strap through the D-rings and tighten firmly.
The seat should now be well tight over the back rest of the chair.
Ensure that there is no slack in strap 1 and 2.
Place the baby on the chair, with the front part of the baby seat between the legs.
Lift up the fabric and fasten the buckles. Pull to tighten.
Carefully read the safety information on the seat before usage

Warning! Never leave your child unattended. Make sure the chair is stable and that the back legs are angled backwards.
Be sure that the child seat is securely fastened to the chair by pulling the straps tightly.
Keep away from fire. Can be used as soon as your child can sit unaided.

Instruction Movie

Here you can watch a short film with instructions on how to use the seat from IN THE POCKET BABY
Carefully follow the instructions to create a safe an secure seat for your child.

Additional information

Weight 196 g

Black, Green, Pink, Red, Yellow