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Baby Bibs


  • A unique collar protecting the clothes from runny purees
  • The pocket is really bulging out, catching foods and drinks
  • Can be folded into a an integrated pocket so as not to smudge
  • Takes up little space and is easy to carry in your pocket or bag
  • Machine washable

It is suprising how fast the mess from a used baby bib can spread in to your nursery bag. Therefore after a lot of thinking us at IN THE POCKET BABY got the idea to create baby bibs with an integrated storage pocket. By folding our baby bibs into its cleverly intergrated pocket the food remains are magically sealed within. As such the trip does not have to end with a bag sanitation. When back home the bib can easily be rinsed or machine washed at 30°C. 

As a bonus our baby bibs has a unique collar that is soft and comfortable around the neck. This collar effectively keeps food mess off the baby´s shirt and has a generous gaping pocket that catches falling food and drink spills. 

When out and about IN THE POCKET BABY’s bibs are the perfect choice. It makes your life easier by folding the used bibs into its integrated pocket, protecting you and your nursing bag from getting messy. The baby bibs are carefully designed down to the last detail and made of an easy-clean quick drying fabric. 

One size: 6-24 months. 

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Check out the baby bibs from IN THE POCKET BABY which is a bib with an innovative integrated storage pocket created to minimize smudges and to make your everyday life easier.
Easy to carry in your bag or even in your pocket, just fold together after use and you will get rid of the leftover food in an instant.
Then just take it home for rinsing or machine washing at 30 ° C.

This bib is a perfect choice to take on a trip or smaller excursions with children. Store easily in hand luggage or even in your pocket if you are out for coffee, out with the boat or in the picnic basket for example.

The collar is also incredibly soft and comfortable for your child and also has a unique function that ensures that it effectively stops smudges and runny food. In addition to this, there is also a large pocket that collects all food leftovers on a large surface.

To get minimal smudges on clothes, we also recommend trying our bibs with sleeves!

Instructions for using the IN THE POCKET – Baby bibs

  1. On the front of the bib there is an integrated storage pocket on the front of the collection pocket.
  2. When the bib is ready used, you can just fold the bib into the integrated storage pocket.
  3. You can now put the smudge-free bib in your pocket or diaper bag and then rinse it off or wash it in the machine at 30 ° C when you get home again.

Product information

  • Size when folded: 150 x 100 x 10 mm (5.9 x3.9 x 0.4 inches)
  • Weight: 24 gr (0.85 oz)
  • 100% nylon with polyurethane coating on reverse
  • Machine washable 30°C.
  • Available colors: Red, Green
  • One size: 6 – 24 months.

Additional information

Weight 24 g

Red, Green